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The baking technology concept for industrial plants
Due to their size, the baking lines require competent knowledge and operational expertise. An effective production line can only be made when you combine the individual stations. If one station fails or becomes defective, the entire system is interrupted. 

This often leads to high costs and a substantial waste of your time. With the all-around service of Backtechnik S.I., surprises like this can be a part of the past. From restoration to modular renovation and from expansion to installation of a new system, you can rely on our years of experience in baking equipment and technology. During an on-site visit we will make a detailed status quo analysis that will determine further course of action. After you have received your offer, which includes the project plan, you will also receive a CAD design drawing. Both disassembly and installation take place within a few days of each other so you can return to operational standards as soon as possible.

You only buy what you need. Saving time and money.

Four ways to safety with the Backtechnik Concept

Restaurieren von  Backanlagen

Restorations are also advantageous, especially with industrial baking lines, because they will often still perform well. Because of this we have made it our task to preserve and optimize lines wherever it is financially beneficial. Not only will you have the advantage of maintenance at any time for all your machines and ovens, but you will also be avoiding any sudden shortfall that may cost you money and time as well as raw materials. Small, worn-out parts are often the cause for an entire stoppage of a production line. The cost to review such cases can be much lower than reviewing a complete fallout of the line.


Optimieren von  Backanlagen

Parts such as the mesh belt and other smaller parts can often become faulty on older models and can lead to limiting the entire productivity of the line. It is often not necessary to purchase a new tunnel oven. If you replace one or two components of the heating zones or the burner tower, the oven can run for several more years. Our products are always up to date and we will continue to provide seamless production. Through optimization, you are also allowing your system to be renewed step by step.

Erweitern von  Backanlagen

The demand on production can change over the course of time – some products are dropped and new ones are added. From a certain size, these lines cannot be easily upgraded anymore. Together we will be able to plan the extension of your line one module at a time, down to the smallest detail. Consequently and without much effort you are prepared for new challenges and can easily expand your product range. This helps us tailor our solutions to your needs.

Erweitern von  Backanlagen

However, if it is apparent that neither restoration nor partial renewal makes economic sense, we will calculate the cost of a new “turnkey”production line based on your requirements.