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Dough Divider SOFT
Brotteig-Teilmaschine SOFT 3B

Due to continuous development work, the SOFT dough divider meets all requirements of a modern bakery. The main advantage is in the unique und effident dividing process: it is not spring controlled, but by an oil-pressure unit, which adapts to the dough consistency und minimizes the stress to the product. The result: dough with long fermentation times und a high water percentage of up to 80 percent can be processed with the SOFT easily. And that with an hourly capacity between 1.200 and 3.000 and a weight range of 50 to 2.000 grams! And when work is (nearly) done, you can look forward to an extremely short cleaning time of two to three minutes. lt makes work look like fun! And with regard to the life span, hygiene und reliability you must be pleased to know that the frame, the housing und carrying parts are made of stainless steel it is really heavyduty und it provides a very gentle dough handling.

Conical Dough Rounder ALLROUND
Kegelrundwirker ALLROUND 3B

The ALLROUND conical dough rounder lives up to its name: it can be used for all kinds of bread – from wheat to rye. Everything will become perfectly round. With the different individual adjustments the ALLROUND will fully adapt to the characteristics of your dough. You can adjust the speed of the cone as well as the air supply (warm/cold). The cone can also be oiled to avoid sticking of the dough. The adjustable oil injection system regulates the exactly required amount of oil spraying on the cone. So, oil accumulation and the tearing of the dough pieces are therefore a thing of the past. So you see, the ALLROUND conical dough rounder is truly all-round.

Intermediate Proofer TIMER
Brot-Vorgärschrank TIMER 3B

The TIMER proofer offers you the technical possibilities that are required from a modern bread proofer. For instance, it will adapt to your bakery individually and it will last a lifetime. The robust, stainless steel frame, the stainless steel dough carriers and the washable interchangeable pockets make the TIMER a candidate for a marathon with all its durability. The feeding can be switched to timed or continuous mode. It can be cleaned fast: simply remove the covering and drawers! Operation is also strongly simplified, as the proofer has a swivelling control unit. Additional benefits are the freely adjustable fermentation times, interior lighting, bactericidal fluorescent blue light tubes and heating. Everything custom-made Unfortunately, we must let you down in one respect: you will not buy a TIMER off the shelf from us: the TIMER will be delivered custom-made. So that it will precisely fit into your bakery. Not so bad after all...

Long Roller COMBI
Einschlag-Langroller MAX 3B

The Long Roller COMBI handles the dough very gentle. Therefore it will be suitable for a great variety of goods from 200 up to 1,500 grams. All accessores are available as modules, on delivery or as upgrade later. This way you can easily and inexpensively expand your product range any time.

All kinds of long dough pieces can be rolled, seamless or with a seam. That is made possible by the modular construction: band width (400 mm or 600 mm), moulding options (impact board and/or reversible running belt), extra long moulding (second mouldung station), flour duster, centering and curling net module - exactly as your product needs to be rolled with the smallest possible footprint.

For short, long rolled dough pieces an upper outfeed exists, for longer dough pieces like baguette a lower outfeed is used.

Computer Control MASTER
Das Herzstück: Computer-Steuerung MASTER 3B

The MASTER computer control manages all machines that are integrated in the system - this is unique among artisan bread lines. From the dough weight checking to the bread moulder settings, all parameters are established for the various types of bread. You choose your preset kind of bread and the entire breadsystem will then provide the machinery settings required to make that particular recipe. A weight checker is connected to the control unit. The advantage is that the dough pieces as they are set in the recipe are compared with the actual weights and when they do not match this is automatically corrected. This also applies to all settings of both the conical dough rounder and the long roller, for which rollers and pressure board are set for each type of bread. To start production, just choose type and number of product and go! This investment will pay for itself in no time, believe us or let us calculate that!